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The schizophrenic wreath - Το σχιζοφρενικό στεφάνι

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There once was a wreath that was bare and cold.  After all it was made out of cardboard.  It was Fall so it looked in the closet and found some appropriate wear.  A lovely white, wool strip of fabric. 

Κάποτε υπήρχε ένα στεφάνι που ήταν γυμνό και κρύωνε. 
Άλλωστε ήταν φτιαγμένο από χαρτόνι. Ήταν Φθινόπωρο γι ‘αυτό  έψαξε και βρήκε κάποια κατάλληλη ένδυση. Μια υπέροχη λευκή, μάλλινη λωρίδα υφάσματος.
Fall Halloween wreath before The schizophrenic Wreath,
Since the weather was crisp, it felt it needed something more to keep warm.  So it found some lovely fabric with earthy brown, orange and green tones. 

Επειδή ο καιρός ήταν ψυχρός, ένιωσε ότι χρειαζόταν κάτι περισσότερο για να ζεσταθεί. Έτσι βρέθηκε  ένα ύφασμα με γήινα καφέ, πορτοκαλί και πράσινες αποχρώσεις.
Adding the fall fabric, The schizophrenic Wreath,
It was warm enough, but now the wreath wanted a little bit of flair.  It felt lopsided and needed balance.  

Ήταν αρκετά ζεστό, αλλά τώρα το στεφάνι ήθελε κάτι παραπάνω. Ένιωσε ασύμμετρο και ήθελε  ισορροπία.
 Adding lace and ribbons, The schizophrenic Wreath,
It added a little lace for beauty and some ribbons in beige and olive, the colors of nature. 

Πρόσθεσε λίγη δαντέλα για ομορφιά και μερικές κορδέλες σε μπεζ και λαδί, τα χρώματα της φύσης.

detail of ribbons, The schizophrenic Wreath,
Look at this fabric.  Let’s add that too.

Κοίτα αυτό το ύφασμα. Ας το προσθέσουμε.

a strip of fabric, The schizophrenic Wreath,
Oh, it makes a pretty flower.

Ω, κάνει ένα όμορφο λουλούδι.

A rosette, The schizophrenic Wreath,
And some texture with this straw.  

Και υφή με αυτό το άχυρο.

Details, The schizophrenic Wreath,
But wait!!  Halloween is coming.  Let’s add a mouse to shake things up.

Αλλά περιμένετε!!  Ερχεται η παραμονή των άγιων πάντων. Ας προσθέσουμε ένα ποντίκι για να ταρακουνήσει τα πράγματα.

Adding the mouse, The schizophrenic Wreath,
And a skeleton peεking out.

Και ένας σκελετός κρυφοκοιτάζει έξω.
And the skeleton, The schizophrenic Wreath,
And the wreath is ready!

Και το στεφάνι είναι έτοιμο!
the mouse, The schizophrenic Wreath,

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Fall Halloween wreath, The schizophrenic Wreath,
detail of fall wreath, The schizophrenic Wreath,
Is it for Fall?  Is it for Halloween?  Is it schizophrenic?  What do you think? 

Είναι για το Φθινόπωρο; Είναι για το Χαλοουιν;  Είναι σχιζοφρενής; Τι πιστεύετε?

Fall Halloween wreath with scraps of fabric, #halloweenwreath #fallwreath #repurposed #upcycled #frugalwreath #seasonalwreath The schizophrenic wreath
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Wednesday 23rd of October 2019

A really cute Halloween wreath! But it was the post title that caught my attention. LOL!

Mami Made It

Thursday 29th of October 2015

Lovely anyway!


Friday 30th of October 2015

Thanks so much for stopping by.

[email protected]

Thursday 29th of October 2015

Hahaha, Mary you're awesome! It's a little bit of all, I love how all the pieces of fabric go well together, but are different, and how you divided the sides and styles...And, I'm glad the little wreath is warm now and pretty too!


Friday 30th of October 2015

Yes that wreath is wa rm and cozy for now, but soon it will have to put its Christmas finery on. Thanks for visiting.


Thursday 29th of October 2015

Mary, this is an awesome wreath!! I love all the pieces you added, minus the mouse...I hate mice! ;) It's very cool though!! Great job!! :)


Friday 30th of October 2015

Keri you are so funny. I hate those mice too, but what else can I do I had a skeleton head and it was way to heavy to stay up on the wreath. At least the mouse is light. But not cute!!

Eleana Apst.

Thursday 29th of October 2015

I think its perfect Mary, especially with the flower!! I liked the story as well!! :))


Friday 30th of October 2015

Thanks so much Eleana. I try to keep things interesting. Mix them up a bit. So happy you stopped by.

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