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How to Make A Colorful Easy DIY Wreath with Packing Paper

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I was inspired to make an easy DIY wreath using colorful packing paper. It’s a simple way to upcycle your wrapping paper, packing paper or even Kraft paper.

Easy DIY wreath made with colorful packing paper.

Aside from painting furniture all the time, yes I know it seems that’s all I’ve been doing lately! I also like to surf the internet and be inspired by some very talented blogger friends. I was recently in Tanya’s blog Twelve O Eight and came across a really pretty farmhouse wreath made from Kraft paper. I was so impressed with it that I decided to do my own version.

Materials Needed

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How to Make an Easy DIY Wreath

I’m pretty fugal when it comes to my DIY projects so instead of buying a Styrofoam wreath shape I just cut out these cardboard donut shapes you see below.  I just used two different sized shapes to outline the circles and cut them out.

2 donut shaped card board pieces.

The reason I wanted to do this project, besides the fact that it was so pretty was because I had just de-cluttered my room and found more than enough of these packing papers. They were all left over from my amazon purchases.  Now if you know me you know I’m not someone who likes to throw anything away.  This was the perfect project for all this leftover paper.

Packing paper.

I cut the paper in half and the long strips were then twisted around like you see below.

Twisted packing paper.

Wrap the paper around the wreath shape while also twisting it some more.

Wrapping the twisted paper around the cardboard piece.

Below you can see how nice and full it looks when it was all wrapped.  I didn’t even have to use any glue. When connecting the papers, I just inserted one piece into the other and twisted them together.  At the end I simply tucked the last piece into the paper.

Wrapped cardboard wreath.

You can also make an easy DIY wreath with kraft paper for more of a farmhouse look. But I was looking to go in a different direction so I added a bit of color to mine.

Adding green paint on the wrapped packing paper.

Next I mixed my greens with black to get a darker green and then added a soft blue. And finally, I added a little bit of Farmhouse White Wax, just to give it a bit of shine.

Of course, you can paint yours any color you want. I wanted a bit of green in my house and this was a super easy way to get it.

Green, blue and white paint on packing paper.

 Once the paper had dried I wrapped some pretty twine around it.

Twine wrapped around packing paper wreath.

Finally, I added the burlap ribbon to use as a hanger.

Adding burlap ribbon added for hanging.

And then I found the perfect spot to hang my easy DIY wreath!

Colorful packing paper wreath hung on curtain rod.

There they are in their new spots in the living room. The only question is should I also add a third in the center? What do you think?

The two wreaths hung in the living room curtain rod.

 I’ve already collected enough paper to make a third one!

Easy DIY wreath made with colorful packing paper.

​I had been saving up all that packing paper for quite a while in anticipation of finding the right project for it. It just goes to show that you shouldn’t throw anything out. Well, not that I want to encourage the hoarders in us, but it did turn out pretty well for me. 

Close up of an easy DIY wreath made with colorful packing paper.

And so, I made a colorful easy DIY wreath with packing paper and I hope you will also give it a try. It is a great way to add color to your room without making a big commitment. After all, it’s just packing paper!  ​

Easy DIY wreath made with colorful packing paper and text overlay.

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Saturday 28th of April 2018

This is so creative, Mary! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

Jeanie Croope

Thursday 19th of April 2018

Hi Mary -- that's beautiful! And yes, I think a third would be good, so long as you have the materials. Heaven knows, Amazon knows how to pack. Thanks for coming by Marmelade Gypsy. I couldn't find your address to direct reply --My address book is giving me problems. But I really appreciated your visits and comments!


Monday 23rd of April 2018

Haha Jeanie they sure do. They keep me supplied with paper all year long.


Thursday 19th of April 2018

Well of course you made a wreath out of packing paper! Absolutely amazing. Is there is anything you can't do lady? Love your spunk and go-getter attitude! My kind of gal. Hugs and blessings, Cindy P.S. I thought about you when I finally finished my little bench for kitchen with all your painting. I thought if you had been at my house you would have already had that project finished! LOL!


Monday 23rd of April 2018

Cindy thanks so much. Isn't it amazing how the simplest things come out looking great. And I saw your pretty bench. Don't think for a moment that I'm a fast worker. Some things can take months while they fester in my brain. Lol!!


Thursday 19th of April 2018

Love your packing paper wreath! Very clever and I can only imagine the fun you must've had doing it. I can't bare to part with the packing paper, either. I've just been cutting it into reasonable size squares and saving it in an attractive basket . Then, I reuse it for packing seasonal decorations and more. Thanks for sharing another fun idea for using it!


Monday 23rd of April 2018

I am so happy to hear that Jolene. We have so much more garbage here in the states that any little bit that can be recycled makes my heart happy.


Thursday 19th of April 2018

This is a much better use of packing paper than what I do with it. So much prettier than using it as a drop cloth. The wreath is so lovely. I love the soft colors and the rope wrapped around it. What a great idea.


Tuesday 24th of April 2018

Debra I was lucky to have stumbled on this idea from Tanya. And it was so easy to turn it into my own.

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