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Easy DIY Jewelry Organizer for Earrings

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This easy DIY earring organizer can be made with materials you already have in your home. Display your favorite jewelry pieces and keep your earrings organized in one pretty place.

Earring organizer made with a frame, a blue satin blouse and a doily.

It’s September and that means it’s my turn to contribute a gift to the Handmade Christmas Gift blog hop.  For those of you who are new here, I have gotten together with some blogger friends and we are making one gift per month (or at least we are trying).  In this way, we will have 12 handmade gifts by the time December rolls around. In previous months I have made a pillow and a wooden heart.

As I mentioned, this month I get to make a gift and my blogger friends, and of course you all, are invited to copy it or make a variation. 

What am I making?  Well, because I’ve been working so hard all year I am going to make a gift for myself.  After all a happy blogger is a productive blogger! I’m making an earring organizer. I originally got this idea from my friend Lauren at Bless’er House. I liked the idea of having all the jewelry hanging so that I could find the pieces, instead of having to search in a box.

How to Make a DIY Earring Organizer

We start out with a simple frame. I wiped it down with soap and water and let it dry.

Wood picture frame.

Then I took a thick piece of cardboard and cut it down so that it fit into the frame.

Cutting a cardboard piece to fit the wood picture frame.

I painted the frame using an acrylic craft paint.  When I poured the paint into a pallet, it was very thick, probably because I neglected to close the bottle properly.  I could have added a bit of water to thin it out but I opted to just put it on as it was.  It went on nice and thick and gave the frame instant texture.  One coat was all I needed.

Close up of the white painted wood frame.

The next step was to repurpose this lovely satiny blouse.  It was a beauty but I was lucky if I could fit one arm into it. I cut it up and glued it onto the cardboard.

A blue satin blouse.

Here is where I took Lauren’s idea of the chicken wire and turned it upside down.  I wanted the same idea of holes to place my earrings thru but I was not going to run to the farm anytime soon.  Anyway, the chicken wire at the farm is very rusty and full of well…chicken. 

Instead, I placed an old doily on top of the cardboard which was covered with the satin fabric. As you can see, this doily was not exactly symmetrical, but I liked this off center look.

Covering the cardboard with a satin blouse and a white doily.

Here is what the back of the cardboard looks like. I have glued the doily onto the satin but you can also sew it on.

The back side of the earring organizer, the blue satin blouse is showing through the doily.

This doily and fabric covered cardboard fits snuggly into the frame. And that is pretty much it. I could have added some paper to cover the back, but I might decide to change out the fabric later on so I left it like that.

Placing the covered cardboard in the frame.

I hung earrings on the doily and I was done.

Hanging the earrings from the doily.

​And here is my earring organizer in action. I can always add a staple in the back and hang it later on but for now it will sit on my dresser.

The finished earring organizer made with a frame, a blue satin blouse and a doily.
Close up of the earrings and earring organizer.

Doesn’t the frame look rustic and worn out? So much better than that orange!

Top of the earring organizer showing the rustic frame and earrings.

I don’t have that many earrings, so I’m displaying my girls’… but now that I have a place to hang and organize my earrings I’ll have the perfect excuse to buy more.

Close up of the earrings and earring organizer.
Close up of the earrings and earring organizer.

And that is my handmade Christmas gift to myself! A DIY earring organizer. I spent no money on this one and it was such an easy project to make. I think that most of us have a frame sitting around at home. And of course, if you want a more rustic look you can check out Lauren’s Rustic Industrial Jewelry Organizer with chicken wire.

Earring organizer made with a frame, a blue satin blouse and a doily.

As I mentioned before this is a great way to take care of many of your Christmas gifts early on. No last minute rushing, no fighting with the crowds in the store. Does that sound like a great idea or what? 

What do you all thing?  Is this not the best gift for anyone who is organization challenged? at least in the earring department?  I think I deserve this gift, and now I can even start to look into buying some more earrings. A win-win!!

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Marie Jackson

Tuesday 22nd of June 2021

Great post! I loved the tips you have given in this article. Here are some tips baby girl necklace /. Thank you for this beautiful post!

Marie Jackson

Saturday 15th of May 2021

Awesome blog! It is the best way to organize your jewelry systematically. Thank you for this lovely post!


Wednesday 7th of September 2016

This is a great idea!


Friday 9th of September 2016

It is a lifesaver for me Zenda. I really need to get organized and this is the first step in the right direction.

Gail @Purple Hues and Me

Wednesday 7th of September 2016

What a lovely self gift or gift for others, made of re-purposed items, Mary! Very creative and useful!


Friday 9th of September 2016

Thank you Gail. I think we all deserve to gift ourselves just a bit.


Wednesday 7th of September 2016

I love this idea. I love chicken wire but the doily is much prettier and far more feminine. This is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else.


Friday 9th of September 2016

Yes Debra, it is more feminine. In my mind I associate chicken wire with those smelly chickens at the farm. haha.

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