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Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces – Wrapping Up the Holidays

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Today I am excited to be hosting a Christmas link party.  I have gotten together with some good friends and we are hosting this “Wrapping up the Holidays” party for all things Christmas. This will go on right till Christmas Eve, December 24th!  I hope you can join us with recipes, ornaments, decor, gift wrapping ideas, activities, anything Holiday related and even older posts. 

My contribution to the party is two easy Green Christmas Centerpieces.

centerpiece for Christmas in Chicken Feeder, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
About two months ago I joined a link party over at Let’s Add Sprinkles and much to my surprise I won a giveaway which was gifted to me by Katie.  This is one of the  gifts I received in my package. When I first saw it I had no idea what it was. Of course that didn’t stop be from envisioning all sorts of uses for it.

 Was it a baguette pan?  But then after some research, I found out it was a chicken feeder.  What sort of farm girl am I that I didn’t know this?

Chicken Feeder, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
I thought I’d take some inspiration from my friend Katrin of KreativK who has painted tins with great results. I quickly grabbed some American Decor chalky finish paint in Everlasting and painted that chicken feeder.  If you’d like to purchase this paint, I have added an Amazon link at the end of this post.
Painting the feeder, Easy Green Christmas Centerpiece
You may remember that a few weeks back I had made a Natural Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  The leaves are all dried out now. I snapped off some of the leaves and added them to the bottom of the feeder.  Don’t worry there were plenty of leaves for all the decor. 
Adding olive leaves, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
I also had a bunch of dried rosemary in a pitcher.  
Rosemary, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
I cut off the needle-like leaves and added them to two marmalade jars that I had because you know how I collect everything. 
Rosemary leaves in jars, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces

​And because I was going with a white theme here I even painted the tea lights. 
Painting the tealights white, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
I added pine cones and a jar lid to the centerpiece … this would hold my candle steady. 
A jar lid as a base for the candle. Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
A few ribbons here and there and I was done!
The centerpiece with pinecones and candle, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
Here I chose to embellish the jars with some lace but you can leave it plain or add another type of ribbon. And I really love the green ribbon on the candle.  
Detail of centerpiece with lace, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
The idea was to keep it all green and white with lots of natural elements. 
Overhead shot of jar with tealight, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
 The rosemary smells wonderful and the flowers can be seen too. 
Detail of jar with rosemary flowers, Easy Green Christmas Centerpiece
Of course, I can’t leave well enough alone and decided to change things up a bit.   This time I used a grey ribbon on all three.  And instead of the pinecones, I added a metal apple and pear salt-and-pepper shakers.
Centerpiece with metal accents, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
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​The look here is a bit more refined. 
A metal apple salt shaker, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
And I like the way the metal contrasts with the natural elements of the leaves. 
Overhead shot of metal centerpiece, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
The candle wrapped in grey ribbon, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
Detail of jar with tealight and rosemary, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
I always like to create using natural elements.  They add so much warmth!  Now which do you prefer?  The first centerpiece with the pinecones …
 Candle wrapped in green ribbon for a Christmas centerpiece, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
… or the second one with the metal accents?  
Christmas centerpiece with metal accents, Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces
How to make Christmas centerpieces by adding natural elements, candles, jars, and a chicken feeder. #holidaycenterpiece #greenneutralcenterpiece #christmasdecor #pinecones #naturalelements #easycrafts #simpleholidaydecor Easy Green Christmas Centerpieces,

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Mother of 3

Wednesday 19th of December 2018

What a beautiful natural centerpiece.. I would never have thought "chicken feeder" but it looks amazing!


Wednesday 16th of November 2016

I love white and green combo, with plenty of natural elements, but when you have added metal apple and pear - it was IT! Grey/silver pieces looks great with green/silver olive leaves. Thanks for anotherlink party - I love everything Christmas-y :)

Jas @All that's Jas

Wednesday 16th of November 2016

They are both very pretty, Mary, but I prefer the first. You can switch them up when you get tired of looking at one (it's long way till Christmas). Or you could just add a couple of chickens and it would look different by the minute, lol.


Wednesday 16th of November 2016

Mary, great idea to use the chicken feeder as a centerpiece!! I like the white finish you gave it and I really really like the silver and green combination!! Of course I like the rustic one as well but there's something about the greens and silver that just goes so well together. Beautiful job Mary!!

Gail @Purple Hues and Me

Wednesday 16th of November 2016

I'm partial to pinecones so I'll pick that one if I must! But they both look lovely, Mary! Great job creating these holiday pieces!

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