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How To Make A Unique Mobile with Wire Hangers

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Create a unique art project for your home by making a DIY mobile hanger using metal wire hangers and leftover art materials from your home.

Finished mobile hanger with three tiers made with wire hangers, a wicker charger and twine, embellished with buttons, ribbon and a bouquet.

It is my favorite time of the month, the International Bloggers Club Challenge.  We are a group of friends from all over the world who get together every month to share our projects and discuss how things are done in our countries. Last time we shared projects for gardening. And the month before it was projects with fabrics. To see what my friends have made this month scroll down to the bottom of this post.

This month we are going to work with wire. I always like a challenge and this one certainly had me in a whimsical kind of mood. I chose to make a unique art mobile with re-purposed wire clothes hangers.

Close up of a wicker plate charger and flowers.
International Bloggers Club Logo.

I honestly had no idea what I was going to do for this challenge, till one day my son asked me to pickup his dry cleaning and that was when I spotted the white wire clothes hangers.  I decided they would be my starting point for this project.

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What I Used to Make a Wire Hanger Mobile:

3 hangers, twine and a wicker plate charger.

The How To Make a Wire Hanger Mobile:

I took the two metal wire hangers (I ended up not using the third one) and opened them up, then using the pliers, shaped them into these circles you see below. I also made sure to make one larger and one smaller than the wicker plate charger.

Shaping the wire hangers into circles.

I then cut the twine into four long pieces and made loop holes for them for the top.  I then passed the loops inside the hook of the hanger that had been cut off.

Creating a hook from the top of the wire hanger.

​I tied the twine onto four areas on the smaller wire circle. ​Further down I tied the twine onto four areas of the wicker plate charger, and finally again tied them onto the larger wire circle.  So I would now have three tiers.

Making loops from the twine to make a mobile.

I left the remainder of the twine to hang and attached the old fashioned clothespins. You may recall I used these once before on a wreath project.  I like the way they add a rustic feel to any project I’m working on.

Attaching various objects on the bottom with twine, including a wooden clothes pin

​I then took thin pieces of twine and looped various large sized buttons through them.  They were hung from the wicker plate charger like this. 

At this point you may be wondering why I chose to use buttons when something else could have been so much prettier, and my answer is “it’s all about the upcycling folks”.  I had just cleaned out my sewing box and had way too many buttons then a person has a right to have!  It was time to use some of them up.

Adding buttons to the mobile with thin twine.

The next step was to add a ribbon all around the large wire circle. This serves two purposes.  First, it adds interest, and secondly it keeps the buttons hanging from the thin twine in one place so they don’t slide all over the place.  No one wants sliding buttons!

The third tier of the mobile with buttons, a star and clothespins, and ribbon.

​Finally on the top I took a flower and leaves, tied them together and hung this bouquet from the top of the mobile.

Flower bouquet hanging over the second tier of the mobile.

I worked primarily with two colors the black of the buttons and the gold or natural color of the twine and these buttons you see below. I think they have a rustic feel to them.

Close up of gold button hanging with twine and wooden pegs hanging with twine.
Close up of large black button.

I even added a bit of blue, since I had them I might as well use ’em!

The second tier wicker plate charger, with a button hanging from the edge.

​Here is the ribbon which was loosely wrapped around the lower wire circle.  The ends were allowed to hang down, like tendrils.

Close up of ribbon wrapped around the third tier mobile.

The bouquet was tied together with a ribbon and then hung from the top where the loops where attached to the hook.

Top of the mobile where the loops hang from the hook.

​And here it is, my one of a kind mobile.

Completed mobile hanger with three tiers made with wire hangers, a wicker charger and twine, embellished with buttons, ribbon and a bouquet.

I even added a small wood star in the center just to spice things up a bit.

View from underneath the mobile hanger with three tiers made with wire hangers, a wicker charger and twine, embellished with buttons, ribbon and a bouquet.

There are so many different elements in this wire hangers mobile, but I’d like to think they come together beautifully to form something unique. 

One other challenge I placed on myself was to create this wire hanger mobile art without spending a dime!  And I did manage to achieve this thanks to my fun journey into the sewing box. 

​Go ahead, take a look at yours and see what you can up-cycle and re-purpose into art!

Mobile hanger with three tiers made with wire hangers, a wicker charger and twine, embellished with buttons, ribbon and a bouquet.

And when the sun shines on it, well that is the best part.  The shadows get to play with the light in the room.

Close up of hanging wooden star, twine, buttons, wooden peg and ribbon.

I am really enjoying these forays into projects with different materials with the International Bloggers Club. This certainly was a first for me, because I have never made mobile art before.  It was fun and freeing especially since I was able to unload a lot of items that I do not really need.  I hope you enjoyed my unique mobile art using wire hangers. 

Have you ever made mobile art, and with what?

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Unique Mobile Art using wire hangers text over mobile art with three tiers made with wire hangers, a wicker plate charger and twine, embellished with buttons, ribbon and a bouquet,

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Alicia Hursley

Monday 8th of August 2022

Thanks for the awesome ideas! My oldest son just moved out to start college so we are going to redo his room, starting with his closet. I'm kind of sentimental, even about things like hangers, so I would much rather repurpose them than throw them away. This project seems like the perfect way to do that and then use them as decor throughout our home. I'm having a hardwood floor refinishing done in there right now so once that's over I'll head in there and actually remove the old hangers. Thanks again!

Linda at Mixed Kreations

Tuesday 29th of May 2018

What a creative, and fun way to use up some of your sewing supplies. I think that this would be cute hanging on the porch, or a balcony so it can swirl in the wind.


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

I agree it is very out there with those buttons.


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

That's a great use for those cloth hangers we all have laying around. It would look great under a pergola and I'd add some metal scraps so it could be used as a wind chime too. You are so creative.


Friday 1st of June 2018

That is a great idea Pili. I was thinking about that too adding metal scraps, but I had to get rid of the buttons first.

Katerina Konstantinou

Wednesday 30th of May 2018

I really love hanger-projects! There are so many of them in my house haha. This turned out so beautiful and inspirational!


Friday 1st of June 2018

I hope that you can come up with your own version. Really the sky is the limit. Just look inside your junk drawer.


Wednesday 30th of May 2018

What a fun and whimsical idea, Mary! You could go so many ways with this.


Saturday 2nd of June 2018

That's right Kim, just look through your junk drawer and I'm sure you'll find plenty of things.

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