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How to Make an Easy Clothes Rack Cover

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If you have a new Ikea rolling rack or even an old clothing rack sitting in your bedroom it may be time to learn how to make a DIY clothes rack with cover. The cover will help keep your garments clean, dust free and it will make your room look more organized and less cluttered.

Clothes rack cover and dresser.

This post is looooong overdue.  It was my last project from the apartment in Greece. The truth is I have been so busy with holiday projects and getting settled here that I didn’t have time to share this with you before.  But it is also fitting that I am sharing it now because it is all about organizing – an easy garment rack with cover upcycle.

After I’m done showing you the clothes rack with cover up-cycle we will take a look at the finished bedroom. It has many of my favorite pieces and yours as well, since they were in my top ten for 2017.

A clothing rack with hangers and clothes.

Now I must preface this post with the warning that these photos are all very real life. Literally taken a few hours before we boarded the plane to fly to America.  

We had purchased this aluminum clothes rack from a store in the area that had gone out of business. It was super functional but let’s be honest…not very pretty. No one wants to air their dirty laundry! 

I needed to come up with a solution to hiding all the clothes because we did not have a built in closet – but something a little nicer than just throwing a sheet over the whole thing. ​​

Materials I Used to Make a Clothing Rack Cover:

  • I had purchased the aluminum rack at a store.
  • 6 pairs of Ikea EKBY brackets
  • 3 flat sheets in white
  • left over cardboard boxes in this case from Ikea. 
  • contact paper in walnut and white
  • Stapler

How to Make a Garment Rack Cover:​

Instead I added 6 sets of these Ikea shelf brackets called Ekby.  We screwed them onto each other with the top of the clothing rod in the middle. This was to be the base for the top of the structure.

Shelf bracket screwed into the top of the clothing rod.

I then took two pieces of cardboard (I had many, many left over from the kitchen cabinets) and cut them so that they fit on top of the shelf brackets. One slid into the other and they created a frame or shelf  on top of the brackets.​

The clothes rack with brackets and cardboard on top.

And because I wanted to have a uniform look to match the dresser, I covered the cardboard with contact paper.  The outside had walnut and the inside had a whitish sort of pattern.

Cardboard covered with wood colored contact paper.

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​By re-purposing a few sheets I would have my cover. I stapled them onto the edges of the shelf/frame.​

Stapling the sheets onto the cardboard.

I just stapled them onto the cardboard. All the way around the whole frame. Easy peasy.​

Sheets stapled onto cardboard.

​And here is the result of my DIY clothes rack cover!

It looks like a massive box, but underneath hides the clothing rack. Of course it would have helped if I had ironed the sheets first before stapling them on there, but…the plane was waiting!

Close up of the white sheet.

The Finished Bedroom

The clothing rack with the cover may not be Pottery Barn worthy but it sure beats dusty clothes. And it looks really great next to the upcycled Ikea Malm dresser.

Finished clothes rack with cover beside a painted white Ikea Malm dresser.

​And now for a tour of the room. This is my office with the made-over laminate table I had shared with you a few months ago.  It has the computer and all the bare necessities.

Wood desk with computer, black lamp, glasses, speakers and pen holder placed on top.

Next to it is an old project of mine, the metal table which I had saved from the farm.  And on top is the dish rack which I had repurposed as an organizer.

Wood desk placed beside metal table and wall mirror.

I had originally painted this old Ikea pine dresser over two years ago.. it was really terrifying to look at before. And I was lucky to be able to match the bed frame to it, so now I have a new bedroom set. 

Green painted dresser and bed frame. The bed has a flower fabric head board.

In order to tie everything together I added the backing with a piece of fabric.

Close up of flower fabric headboard.

And that was the last post from Greece.  The bedroom really came together nicely.  It is not a very big room so lots of white was used to make it bright and cheery.

Close up of wooden desk and chair.

I hope you all enjoyed my post on hiding those clothes with this easy DIY clothes rack cover… or how to not air your dirty laundry. 

And finally we have closure with this bedroom reveal. Now we can finally move on to all the projects the projects that I have here in New York!

Clothes rack cover with overlay that says "easy clothes rack cover."

The Bedroom Series:  

Laminate table painted with gel stain
Laminate Table Makeover with Gel Stain
Fabric on piece of particleboard for backdrop
Warming up a Room with Fabric
Ikea dresser painted in olive green
Ikea Pine Dresser Makeover
Bedframe painted in olive green
Wooden Bed Frame Makeover
IKEA Malm Dresser Makeover

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Sunday 18th of December 2022

Hello, Thank you so much for this post! I'm trying to gather the supplies to do this. Just wondering, do you remember if the Ikea brackets you used were plastic or metal? Ikea has a plastic option and a powder coated alumunium option. I'm guessing plastic would suffice for this project, but would the aluminium metal be too heavy, and more likely to tip over when opening the sheet cover to access the clothes?

Am trying to avoid ordering both, and could use the brackets for shelf brackets when no longer needed for the wardrobe. I have to order online, and returning unwanted things to Ikea is a real inconvenience.

Anyway, thanks again and I hope all is well with you : )

Mary Coakley

Monday 15th of January 2018

Mary that is a very good idea.and now you have increased your storage so much.

Katerina Konstantinou

Monday 15th of January 2018

What a lovely space Mary! And the cover brightens the place and makes it peaceful and calm! Great work!

Marjan Hoebeke-Pfaff

Monday 15th of January 2018

Neat and tidy! It would also look great if you'd taken the same fabric of the backpanel of the bed (I know you didn't have any left). And: Oh, I still love what you've turned the bed into! This is really a lovely room! Hugs, Marjan


Monday 15th of January 2018

A little ingenuity goes a long way. Is it typical that rooms in Greece don't have closets?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.