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A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room

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This certainly has turned into a busy month for me, between the furniture makeovers and finishing up the girls’ bedroom. 

And that is exactly what I am here to talk about today.  The upcycling of the bed frames and their room progress!

Metal bedframe, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
Disclosure: I was compensated for doing this post with product.  However, all the opinions stated here are my own. I only use products I love and would recommend to my viewers. 
Let’s start with the bed frames.  I found them in the house when we moved here.  Thanks dad for having the insight to keep them.  I honestly don’t know where he gets so much furniture from but I am truly grateful because we don’t have to spend a lot of money on these necessities, especially since with my newfound skills we can alter them to our tastes.

​We are in the middle of moving furniture and decorating 3 rooms right now and the original photos got lost.  So I did the next best thing to give you an idea of how the bed frames looked. 

A look at the before bedframe, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room

What I Used:

  • DecoArt Americana Satin Enamel Paint in Black 
  • DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Everlasting
  • DecoArt Americana Decor Cream Wax
There was lots of gold painted metal on the headboard and foot board too.  And the  wood on the bedposts was dark brown.  It was too heavy and dated.  If you remember what our original vision for this room was, then you will understand why we chose to paint the beds to this. 
Bedframe painted black and wood posts in white, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room

The How To:

This  color scheme ties in perfectly with the crisp, clean look we were after. Originally we were going to add a metallic black pearl color to cover the gold parts. But it came out looking too gray and my girls wanted as little color as possible. 

​So we used my favorite paint Americana Decor Satin Enamels in Black (affiliate link on the bottom of this post) to make all that gold disappear. 

Bedframe painted black, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
For the wood posts we just painted it with Americana Chalky Finish paint in Everlasting white.  And added a creme wax to seal it in. (Affiliate links at the bottom of this post)

Simple and elegant.  And don’t  you just love the way that rug contrasts with the black and white?

Bedposts painted white, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
Disclosure: The items below are affiliate links. If you purchase any of these products through the links, I receive a small commission, that way I can continue to provide you with lovely content.  There is no extra charge to you for purchasing through my affiliate links.

​Of course it would not be a young ladies room without fairy lights.  One for the wall and another one for the headboard. 
Bed with new covers and fairy lights on the walls, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
And because the girls want to keep their individuality we opted to have different bed covers.  The top bed has a gray and white striped cover that we got from Ikea. This one is called NYPONROS and it was calling to my younger girl.  I love shopping there the textiles are 100% cotton and the price is perfect. And no I am not getting paid to talk about them. 

The other girl is more into blue so after a long search I found this lovely set at Amazon, which incorporates her love of blue while at the same time fitting in with the rest of the black and white scheme.  And it coordinates perfectly with her sister’s striped cover.  Another great buy also 100% cotton!

We have also added a small table next to the bed.  It also needs a paint refresh. But we are definitely getting there. 

Bed with new gray and blue leaf cover, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room

​The long mirror has been moved to the back of the door.  I mean really how many mirrors do these girls of mine need?
Long mirror placed behind the door, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
The room is full of storage because my girls have a lot of stuff.  And of course black and white runs rampant here as well. The boxes were covered in wrapping paper. 
Storage boxes and drawing on shelf, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room

​And while visiting the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago I found this contact paper that is perfect for their room.  It is girly but also cool because of the black and white factor.  So what did we do?
black and white floral covered box and tin with contact paper, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
Why of course, we went crazy and covered a whole bunch of boxes with this paper.  Like I said they need lots of storage. 
black and white floral covered box and paintings, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room

​This bookcase is the Billy we had gotten from Ikea and it stores “Ina the Tea Lady’s”  things.  Can you tell she loves tea?
Tea cups and a ukulele with union jack, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
Now you are wondering why I’m showing you all of this and it’s to make a point. 

One pretty box is nice but lots of pretty boxes is even better. See what an impact all of these boxes make together on the bookcase? 

All of this from the Dollar Tree!  You just never know when inspiration will strike. 

And the boxes were leftovers from the Amazon orders we have been getting. I tell you the best part of living here is the on-line shopping!  “wink”

Bookcase full of storage boxes covered with black and white floral contact paper, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
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​The other Billy bookcase belongs to my other daughter who loves blue and if you have been following me for a while you may even recognize that picture on the right hand side. It is a copy of Amedeo Modigliani’s ‘Jeanne Hebuterne’ and my girls favorite. It was the inspiration for her old room and now it has moved with us to New York.  I guess some things never change. 
Black and white floral covered boxes and framed artwork, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
The paintings were created by her sister, the aforementioned Ina,  and she proudly displays them on her shelves… along with the M&M’s that her mom is always stealing. “wink”
Blue colored paintings and glass items, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room

​And of course some fun elements with a framed chalkboard and funny glasses.  And the pretty contact paper which is in both of the bookcases. And to the right is a Himalayan Salt lamp  like the one I had shown here, only this one is a mini size. 
Framed chalkboard on shelf, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
I have been sharing this room with you in bits and pieces so we can look at all the small details that go into making a room.  Honestly you never know where you will get your inspiration.  That contact paper may look like nothing but when you have it all over the room it really adds drama and it pulls the bookcases together. 
Bookcase with black and white floral covered boxes, books and artwork, A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
A few more items to be painted  and the room will be finished – if there is such a thing.  But in the meantime I hope you enjoyed the progress report and the update on the bed frames. 
Corner of bedroom with black painted bedframe, striped cover and fairy lights, #Bedroommakeover #Bedframerefresh #Blackenamelpaint #duvetcovers #storagesolutions #contactpapercoveredboxes #bookcasestoragesolutions #Girlsbedroom #Blackandwhitebedroom A Bedframe Refresh and Progress in the Room
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Wednesday 18th of April 2018

Mary, the bed frames are so pretty and that's so great that your dad collects furniture. The room is coming along so beautifully, can't wait to see the full reveal.


Saturday 21st of April 2018

I'm almost ready to show the room. I can't wait either.

Lynn B Spencer

Thursday 22nd of March 2018

Good Morning my friend...I can tell you are having a ball making this house your home. And it's also obvious where you got your knack for finding treasures! You and your dad are cut from the same cloth! Your girls' room is really coming together and l love all the boxes covered in that lovely black and white floral! Have a great day! Lynn


Thursday 22nd of March 2018

The starkness of the walls combined with the warmth of that floral paper really makes the room come alive. Thanks Lynn, we are having loads of fun doing the whole house. The only problem is sometimes we are all over the place. Haha!

Michelle Leslie

Thursday 22nd of March 2018

It can't be easy decorating one bedroom for two girls who like different things, but you ladies have done such a stunning job pulling it altogether. That contact paper is absolutely gorgeous Mary and I'm still so in love with the beautiful wall. Good on your Dad for starting the tradition way back when of saving things for later. You would end up paying so much for headboards like that now. That scroll work is WOW and it looks so much more classy in black and off white. The whole room looks lovely now


Thursday 22nd of March 2018

It is really coming together Michelle. I have to say this is my favorite room in the whole house. Being that the rooms are not on the large side, all this white is really helping to open the room up. You are right about it being hard to decorate for two different personalities, but at least they both like black and white and this is what is really unifying the room.


Thursday 22nd of March 2018

Who doesn’t like a little bit of twinkle lights in their life?! I bet your daughter lives her new space :).


Thursday 22nd of March 2018

The trick was having two girls in the same space Doreen. They are so different and yet the commonality here is the black and white. Also one loves blue and the other loves the blue wall which she painted. So once those elements were determined the rest came together easily. They love their new space and I visit this room every chance I get. Haha!

Lorin Small

Thursday 22nd of March 2018

Oh, Mary I love that black and white contact paper you did the boxes in, of course. Lots of work. It's coming together great for the girls. So much work getting a new to you home pulled together.


Thursday 22nd of March 2018

Lorin great minds think alike. That paper was such a find. And it may be work but it is worth it for the wow factor and the thrifty result.

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