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How to Make a Practical Cardboard Paper Organizer

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Add practical storage to your shelves with these easy and cheap DIY cardboard paper organizer boxes. They’re a perfect cube storage solution and a pretty way to organize your items.

Kallax storage bin holding cardboard paper organizer storage boxes and a dog sitting on top.

NOTE: This project was originally shared in Sept. 2018

It is that time of the month again when I join my friends and we bring to you our unique projects from all over the world.  Yes I am talking about the International Bloggers Club, but this time I have a surprise. 

Last time we got together we had done a project on pebbles and rocks.  This time around we are doing a different theme each month using the anniversary gifts by year as our guideline.

So if you are up on your anniversary gifts you will know that the first year is paper. This time around I am going to share how to make practical cardboard paper organizer that’s perfect for storage.

Close up of the cardboard paper organizer storage cubes.

 Meet The International Bloggers

But before we start with the project let me introduce our new bloggers.  First off we have Marie of The Interior Frugalista.  Marie is from Canada and is a wiz with furniture transformations.  

Next we have Eleanor of Just Ella Bella.  Eleanor is from South Africa and her blog is full of wonderful craft ideas!

Then there is Leanna from Of Faeries and Fauna.  Leanna is also from Canada and she shows us how to make a pretty home on a small budget.  

And finally we would like to welcome Evija from From Evija with Love.  She hails from the United Kingdom and is originally from Latvia. Evija  loves to craft and work on her new home.  

And let’s not forget the original crew.  Katrin of KreativK, who hails all the way from Germany but is now living in the south of Spain. Katrin is an expert at easy stylish decorating ideas. 

Michelle of A Crafty Mix, a South African blogger who creates the most imaginative crafts you will ever see!

Pili of My Sweet Things.  Pili lives on the idyllic island of Mallorca and makes lots of fun DIY projects. 

And yours truly, The Boondocks Blog, who moved from Greece to hectic New York a year ago.  

As you can see we are truly an international bunch!

How to Make Practical Cardboard Paper Cubes for Storage

Now a little bit about this project.  It all came about because my sweet pup, Tatou had an obsession with looking out our living room window. For a long time we had a loveseat so he would perch up there and enjoy the view or bark at all the passersby.

But the time came when we had to give the boot to that old sofa. This left Tatou with no place to perch. Certainly his butt did not fit on the window sill.

Tatou, a black and white dog, sitting next to a window.

So I came up with the idea of buying a KALLAX from Ikea. I tilted it over and placed it against the wall.  It was a perfect fit under the window.  This became Tatou’s new perch! Problem solved!

However, the Kallax is a storage unit and I wanted to place storage cubes in the openings. Most storage boxes that I had seen were made of this cheap polyester material. I needed to come up with something practical so if he were to accidentally (most likely) chew them, it would not be a problem.

Materials Needed To Make a Cardboard Paper Organizer

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This was my solution. Simple cardboard boxes.

Empty cardboard box.

I hemmed and hawed  over what to use to cover the boxes. In the end I opted for a very simple look using this kraft paper. Well actually it was left over from when we had painted a room and used it to cover the floors. But regardless, humble is best in this case!

A roll of kraft paper.

​Using liquid glue and scotch tape I secured the paper onto the box.  I am not going to show the process since it was very easy. In fact I’ve done something very similar here.

Close up of a cardboard paper organizer storage cube.

 For the top openings, I covered some old magazine files in this gift wrapping paper which coordinates with the kraft paper. I’ve also done it with maps.

Various magazine files covered in gift wrap paper.

​I carried the same theme throughout with the shoe box that hides all the small games.

Shoe box covered in gift wrap paper next to board games.

And of course it wouldn’t be fall without a few pumpkins in the mix!

Kallax storage bin holding basket and boxes.

See that little paw in the background? 

Close up of basket with pumpkin and a dog's paw.

My cardboard paper organizer was done!

Kallax storage bin holding cardboard paper boxes and a basket.

​And the best part? Because those cardboard paper organizer boxes are the right size and fit deep into the openings he cannot pull them out and chew them to bits! That’s also why I didn’t add any handles.  He’s a tricky little fella!

This makes grandma Mary very happy because I’m usually the one who has to clean up the mess!

Kallax storage bin holding cardboard paper organizer storage boxes and a dog sitting on top.

Happy pup!  He can spend hours up there watching the world go by!

A dog sitting on top of an Ikea Kallax shelf.

​Now if I didn’t have a pup and he was better behaved I would have done this using fabric for a more elegant look but for now I will go with this practical idea.

Kallax storage bin holding basket and boxes with dog perched on top.

​You just never know where your next project is going to come from or who will inspire it. This may seem like a small job but it was a very real concern for me and I had left those cubes bare for a long time. 

​With this practical solution everyone is happy! I get storage and Tatou gets to perch!  I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make a practical cardboard paper organizer cubes for storage. Does your pet make a mess like mine or is it just that he’s still young?

​And now check out to see what my pals from the International Bloggers Club are up to.

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Saturday 29th of September 2018

Awh, bless him, he looks SO sweet. Surely someone so adorable couldn't do any damage around they house!!! Your boxes look great, and if something/someone DOES happen to them they'll be easy to replace, great job!


Monday 17th of September 2018

I need to do this, my craft room is such a mess!!! Love it, thanks so much for the shout out


Monday 17th of September 2018

Glad to have you on board Ella. This is such an easy project when you are on a budget.

Jann Newton

Monday 17th of September 2018

Mary, I love how you coordinated the kraft paper and the wrapping paper. A great look, and much more practical than fabric!


Monday 17th of September 2018

Jann I usually like fabric covered bins but this was practical because no one wants a puppy to destroy the fabric. It's bad enough that I no longer have pillows in the living room. Have to train that little guy!


Monday 17th of September 2018

Great idea, Mary, and it looks fabulous using paper! It's so versatile and a quick fix in case the pup gets frisky with things!


Monday 17th of September 2018

That is just what I needed Gail, a quick fix and something that will not bite into my wallet.

Lori Jo

Monday 17th of September 2018

Very neat and great organization! Enjoyed this creative idea tip :) Lori Jo - 50 With Flair


Monday 17th of September 2018

Thanks Lori Jo. I needed something simple to get organized!

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