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How Make a Super Easy DIY Pallet Couch (no Tools!)

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Have you ever driven by a used pile of pallets and thought, “What could I make with that?”. Well, I’m going to show you the easiest possible way to make a DIY pallet couch with them – no power tools needed!

A completed DIY pallet couch covered with colorful cushions and blankets.

The other day I was wandering around the balcony of the new apartment that we will be downsizing to – which is actually one floor below the one we currently live in. It felt so huge and empty. We just had a few uncomfortable chairs out there. I really wanted to add some kind of furniture aside from  the colorful fence with the dollar store flowers that I was planning to add.  

I spotted a bunch of pallets hidden away in a corner of the house and was itching to do something with them.  But the hubs was at the farm.  Did that stop me?  Of course not, with no tools at all I quickly made a super easy DIY pallet couch!

Pallets. Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch
I had used pallets before. I had even made a drunken table with one, but here I was looking to quickly make something because my poor bones were tired after working on other projects all day.  I just wanted something super easy that would allow me to enjoy this great big ol’ balcony!

What I used for this Project:

  • 6 pallets
  • a saw (optional)
  • rope

How to Make a DIY Pallet Couch without Tools:

I placed two pallets down, one on top of the other.  And another two next to those. Then I took the remaining two pallets and placed them behind the two sets.  Like the backrest of a couch. In my case one of the pallets was a bit wider than the rest.
Pallets placed as a couch would look, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch
I used a saw to cut the excess off.  Of course if you have pallets that are all the same size you won’t need to do this step. 
Cutting the one extra wide pallet, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


I ended up switching them around and placing the one that I cut down on the bottom.
switching the pallets around, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


Using the rope, I tied the back of the pallet that was standing up to the top pallet which was laying down. 
tying the pallets together with rope, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


Now I didn’t want to have to cut my rope, so I just pulled it through and moved over to the middle section and passed the rope through the pallets again tying them together. 
typing the pallets together with rope, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


I did the same thing at all points where the standing pallets had a vertical piece that could be attached to the other pallets. 
tying the pallets together to form a backrest, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


Here you can see how the back looks with them all tied together.  Believe it or not, this was very sturdy and prevented the vertical pallets from toppling over because the ties were with the top pallets that were laying down. Had I tied the vertical pallets with the bottom pallets it would not have worked. It’s all about balance. 
view of the tied vertical pallets, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


The front view.  I then threw some old cushions on top…
front view of pallets, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


… covered it with a piece of fabric and added a bunch of pillows! It also serves to add a bit of privacy.  One side of this balcony is looking onto a major street. 
pallet couch covered with fabric, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


I added a red throw to my “new” outdoor furniture to give it a pop of color and I was done! ​All in all it took me about 15 minutes! Did I mention fast?
The little table you see in the front is one I made a few years ago with a stool and a drawer. And the stool is from an old upcycled vintage milk crate


The chalkboard was another “gift” left behind from the tenant who neglected to pay the rent. 
Side view of couch, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


Sometimes you just want a quick project with a big impact.  Well I would definitely say this one fit the bill.  Oh it is not perfect but for this tired lady who wants to enjoy her balcony it is so close to amazing!  All in all I would say not bad for 15 minutes of work!
Super quick pallet couch, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


And if I’m feeling risque I can tuck the fabric in like this and expose the pallets on the bottom. I added colorful cushions – maybe I’ll change them up next year with some of these creative DIY throw pillow covers
couch made from pallets, with fabric tucked in, Quickly Make a Super Easy Pallet Couch


Opposite this DIY pallet couch is the colorful fence with faux flowers. Now I’ll be adding a few more things to this balcony but so far I have made a great start. 
And so now I have a place to sit on this big ol’ balcony. And I didn’t even break a sweat! Nor did I break the bank! That is a win-win for me any day! 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my super easy and quick pallet couch DIY tutorial. Why, it wasn’t even a tutorial. Just a small hint!

What have you created using pallets?

You can see a tour of the balcony here. 
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.