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Buildings of New York

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As everyone must know by now, back in January I had visited my sons in New York.  I spent most of my time at home cleaning, painting and rearranging everything.  But one afternoon, I did manage to drag myself out of the house and go to Manhattan.  I know it’s not Michael’s but it will have to do. 

And so today I am sharing my photo essay on the Buildings of New York.

I imagine you all think of New York as being full of skyscrapers like this.

Or this…
They all look the same after a while.  This is the famous Madison Square Garden.
The round portion in the background is the actual arena. 
There are skyscrapers popping up everywhere!  And so many of them are made of glass and steel. Did I mention that they all look the same?

​Here’s something a little different. It’s the Fashion Institute of Technology, smack in the middle of the garment district and it’s not a skyscraper!
More skyscrapers, it feels as if you are walking amongst steel canyons. In fact, because of these canyons the winds were roaring through the streets on that wintery afternoon. 
And here is the symbol of New York itself, the Empire State building. 
All those steel buildings are nice but there is also another side to New York.  These older more genteel buildings such as the Flatiron Building, are no less commanding than their modern counterparts. 
These are huge buildings that make their presence felt!
You certainly cannot walk by this incredible building which is a maternity center without stopping to stare for a minute or two.  Look at all the details on the facade. 

​Some of the buildings such as the Met Life Tower, even have surprises on top!
And what about these red brick beauties, with their arched windows and the fire escapes on the outside, harking back to olden times. 
Or these salmon colored brick buildings which might have been factories in days gone by. 
This one has arches on top, ogivals is what they are!  

​A lifetime ago when I was a student in New York, I would walk around the streets with my head up in the air! Oh I’d occasionally bump into people and things, but there is so much to see up on top, the bumps were worth it. Why would anyone not want to admire all this architectural beauty?

Look at the way the light hits this grand old building.  I suspect there must be a glass and steel giant across from it that reflects all that light!   It is telling us that although it is older, it is also unique and that is why it has a spotlight on it. 

​And St. Francis Friary is tucked in between more giants. But it holds its own among the faceless skyscrapers. 
Let’s take a look at the diversity that is encompassed on this street.  And we’re only seeing half the block.
Looking up again we can see why this was my favorite pastime. So much grandeur on the top of that building! Or is it a palace?  And all this in the middle of Manhattan!
New Yorkers are famous for their eyes-front, brisk walk and their no-nonsense manner when racing through the streets to their destinations.  But they miss so much, like the details on these two buildings which happen to be neighbors. 
Why this facade can easily be mistaken for a Roman building.

​Can you guess what is housed inside this Corinthian neoclassical building?  

No?  Well it’s a Home Depot!  I guess New Yorkers take their DIYing seriously!

And this facade (the Time Warner Cable Company) has sculptures and columns to let us know just how important it is!  Wait… are those lions?
A delicate border on the top.  It almost looks like a vine. 
A baroque swag!
Different masonry and colored bricks make all these buildings eye candy for the passerby!
Such intricate work! If I lived there I’d have my neck stuck out the window all day!
Grand windows or are they balcony doors?
And let’s not forget the bling at the top of the buildings!​​
All of these photos were taken within a two hour time frame. Notice the change in the weather from one shot to the next!  They were all snapped within an 8 block distance. That gives you an idea of how much is packed into such a small area. 

If you’d like to see more photography go to my photo gallery here

No humans were bumped into while on this New York adventure.  I know this was a bit longer than my usual photo essays but I think it was worth it. I hope you have enjoyed my buildings of New York.

Now what is the lesson we have learned today?  Always look up!  You never know what you might miss!

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Friday 14th of April 2017

I love NY. I was just there a few weeks ago and like you, I'm captivated by the beautiful buildings. Thanks for sharing at Monday Social.


Monday 20th of March 2017

These photos make me long for the old days when buildings had character and built with pride. Some of these are unfamiliar even to me. You did a great job representing the area Mary!


Tuesday 21st of March 2017

Thanks Doreen. I know that you are familiar with the area but even a quick trip will yield lots of photos. There is so much to see and enjoy. I was really surprised at all the new buildings. These thin square things rising up into the clouds.


Monday 20th of March 2017

I visited NY some 25 years ago. I love architecture!!! I love the unique details on buildings. You have a nice eye for them too.


Tuesday 21st of March 2017

Thank you Kellie. I also love architecture and all the details that are on older buildings.


Monday 20th of March 2017

Fantastic photo tour! I have been to NYC several times and each time I notice something different. I love to wander around Harlem with the gorgeous brownstones and some of the most gorgeous Churches I have seen. I do have a struggle looking up when I am in the midtown area, as the shear height of some of those skyscrapers make me dizzy!


Tuesday 21st of March 2017

I know exactly what you mean Maureen about those skyscrapers. This last time I noticed a lot of pencil thin buldings going up and dotting the skyline. It must be a new trend. And they are so tall, they look as if they'll fall over if there is a strong wind. I much prefer the older buildings.


Monday 20th of March 2017

New York is one of my favorite cities too. There are some many beautiful different things there that I cannot imagine a more complex and inspiring cities...


Tuesday 21st of March 2017

New York is packed with things to see and do. And to think that I just went to one small area and took so many photos. Can you imagine how many more I can take in other areas?

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