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Three Simple Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Holidays

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It’s my favorite time of the month, time for another edition of International Bloggers Club.  We are a group of friends from all over the world who get together every month to share our projects, compare notes and see how we do things in our corner of the world.  Last month we shared wood projects, and the month before flatlay photos of our favorite things. 

This month, with the holidays right at our doorsteps I am  going to share 3 simple gift wrapping ideas of the holidays. 

three boxes gift wrapped for the holidays, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,
Last year I had shared with all of you how Iwrapped my gifts with vintage fabric and I was so proud of myself for not using paper and being so environmentally friendly. 

Well I am here now to tell you, while hanging my head in shame, that I am going to show you how to gift wrap with paper… gasp!!!

Yes, you see last year’s method works great if you already have fabric scraps to spare, but as many of you may know I have recently moved and so I have not managed to hoard much in the way of fabric. 

So paper it must be.  But in my defense, I have a few clever ideas up my sleeve. 

International Bloggers Club Graphic, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,
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#1 the musical wrap

The first wrapped gift uses wrapping paper that has musical notes on it.  A simple cream/white background with the black notes. Very neutral and depending on the embellishments it can be dressed up or down.  
musical notes wrapping paper, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,
 I wrapped it with twine and added a piece of cardboard that has been painted with chalkboard paint. The chalkboard tag has been clasped on with mini clothespins. 

​My look is very casual country but you can also dress it up with shiny ribbons to make it more glam.  Below are links to the products I’ve used. 

Musical notes paper with chalkboard tag and twine with clothespins, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,

#2 the brown paper wrap

This one has a brown paper or stock paper as the wrapping paper. Again another very neutral paper that can be changed depending on the type of embellishments we add. 
brown paper wrapping, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,
For the embellishment I used a wooden star I just cut out a hole on the top and painted it white using chalky type paint. You can also see how I turned them into rustic ornaments here. 

And as a bit of a contrast I tied the gift with red and white bakers string.  Now all you need is a sharpie to write the name of the gift receiver. 

Here you can also add fancy ribbons and bows to give it a more high end look.  I am all about simple this year.

bakers twine in red and white and a white wood star, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,

#3 the white paper wrap (or reverse of whatever you have)

And this final one is the same musical note paper I used in the first idea,  but I used the reverse side.  Just soft creamy white.  I wrapped it using a jute which is a darker color than the twine above. 
white wrapping paper or reverse of whatever you have, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,
And those stockings?  Well if you have a piece of cardboard paper from a box and you pull one side of it back this is what you end up with.  This wavy look that is on the inside of the cardboard  sandwich so to speak. 

All I did was cut them out into these stocking shapes. I really love all that texture on the brown stocking.  I haven’t tried writing on them but you could always add the name onto the white wrapping paper. Or you can add a simple tag. 

Again with this one, you are saving money because you don’t have to buy any more paper and because it’s white, the sky’s the limit!  Pick a color, any color and add bows, ribbons, embellishments, anything that makes your little heart happy!

jute and two stockings made out of cardboard, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,

​Three different looks and all very neutral.  I think that you can even use them all year long as long if you change out the add-ons!
three boxes wrapped in various neutral papers. Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,
While I was photographing these, my daughter caught a glimpse and asked if there was anything in the boxes.  I replied yes, but there are also no names on the tags so she has been thwarted for now!  Ha!
boxes wrapped in neutral papers for the holidays, Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,
I may have hung my head in shame but I think I came up with a pretty good solution.  No running around to get different paper for every type of occasion when you can use these three and call it a day – for the whole year!  Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the holidays that will actually get you through the whole year!  You can’t ask for much more than that!  Can I un-hang my head now?

I invite you to hop on over to visit my four friends who are also sharing their gift wrapping ideas.  Simply click on the images below my name.  If you’d like to see more past challenges click here.

Using neutral wrapping paper you can change the look of your wrapped gifts, #giftwrappingideas #holidaygiftwrapping #neutralgiftwraps Three simple gift wrapping ideas for the Holidays,
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Tuesday 26th of December 2017

Mary, we must be on the same page--I used craft paper with baking paper to wrap my packages too. I also added a sprig of rosemary ;) Thank you for sharing your lovely ideas a the Rustic & Romantic Creating Christmas party!

Michelle Leslie

Monday 27th of November 2017

You can hold your head up high Mary :D Paper is bio-degradable and you didn't spend a ton of money on it either. Plus you made the cutest little cardboard booties EVER and the gifts are wrapped in love, which is irreplaceable <3


Thursday 30th of November 2017

That is true Michelle. I am unhanging my head proudly!

Nikki Gwin

Monday 27th of November 2017

These are adorable Mary! Pinned. :) gwingal


Thursday 30th of November 2017

Thanks a bunch Nikki! I love how they all came together.


Monday 27th of November 2017

Laughing at babas comment! Sounds like me! Hope you had a lovely holiday in NY Mary, and wishing you a fabulous Christmas. xxz


Saturday 9th of December 2017

I love wrapping gifts it appeals to my sense of order in the world. And if I can coordinate each and every one all the better. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas down south Doreen!


Monday 27th of November 2017

There is no shame in using paper, especially if it is from a shopping bag or something. And if you do buy gift wrap it is great for decoupage projects. I love all of your suggestions and they work for anytime of year with a change in the tags.


Saturday 9th of December 2017

Debra I like your idea about the decoupage. I'll have to hide that paper from the kids now.;)

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