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Repurposed Cordial Glasses and Saucers for a Spring Craft Pedestal

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Happy Spring!! It is about time that things have warmed up a bit. It may still be raining but the flowers are blooming and that was the inspiration for this repurposed cordial glasses and saucers pedestal.

Tops of saucers with flowers and tealights.

It’s my favorite time of the month again, the Int’l Bloggers Club Challenge. Each month five friends get together and share different topics from their corner of the world.  In the past we have talked about Valentine’s Day, and of course our special Gift Swap. This month we’re all about Spring.

Celebrating spring when spring is not officially here can be a bit tricky.  The bouquet of wildflowers and branches was gathered at the farm the other day. Obviously Mother Nature thinks spring is here, even if the calendar is in denial.

Almond branch and spring flowers.

Greece is in full bloom at the end of February, getting ready to put on all it’s bling in anticipation of the warmer weather. Last year I also did another post on Spring Flowers in Greece.  Take a look at it so you can get an idea of the abundance we have.

Close up of Yellow spring flowers.

These narcissus first show up in January. They fight off frost and winds to make their appearance.  They also happen to be my favorite, all crisp and full of scent. 

Close up of yellow and white Narcissus flowers.

How to make a Pedestal with Cordial Glasses and Saucers

I wanted to celebrate spring by creating a simple project from found objects in my home. I found these glasses … you guessed it, in the basement.  They are cordial glasses or sherry glasses.  I really am not an expert on this at all.

They were leftovers from my mother-in-law’s time, I brought them up from the basement and kept them in my overcrowded china cabinet.

Six cordial glasses sitting on a white sheet.

The problem was I never used them. I never drink cordials or sherry.  I’m a wine kinda gal!  So they just sat there taking up space. Till today!

By gluing them together like you see below, the similar ends together, I was able to give them height for the next step!

Gluing the cordial glasses together to make a pedestal.

While looking through the china cabinet I found these demitasse saucers that had once been part of a set.  Sadly the cups have either broken or parted ways with the saucers.  I had 4 saucers for every cup.  

Time to repurpose some of these as well!  I glued them to the tops of the cordial glass.  And there, I had a pedestal!

Gluing saucers on top of the glass pedestals.

The next step was to paint the saucers white, with some left over chalky type paint. I did three coats and brushed from the edges toward the center.

Painting the saucers with white paint.

And that was it.  My pedestals made from cordial glasses and saucers.

Decorate your Pedestal

And what did I put in them?

Angled view of the cordial glasses glued together to make a pedestal.

 Flowers of course!  And a tea light! Here I used almond flowers.

Almond flowers and a tealight sitting on the painted saucer.

A few flowers that were attached to a succulent of mine.  Do you know what they’re called?  I call them the only succulents that survive outside.  Here the tea light was painted a soft green!  It’s all in the details.

Painted tealight with yellow succulent flowers sitting on the painted saucer.

​And some more flowers.  You can also see a bit of blue on the saucer.  I liked the effect that was created when I was too hasty with my paint job so I left it like that.

Yellow flowers on painted saucer.

 Can you tell what their original purpose was?  Of course not! “wink”  

After I’d finished my project I saw one that looked similar by Sam of Raggedy Bits. Only she didn’t have to go to a basement to find her goodies! She found them at a thrift shop!  Sigh… wish we had those here.

Close up of the cordial glasses and saucer made into a pedestal.

​Let’s put them on a tray.

Pedestals placed on a silver tray with tea lights and flowers.

Add some faux pearls with flowers.

Top view of the painted saucer with a flower and faux pearls placed in it.

Light the tea lights.

Lighting the tealights on and around the pedestal.

And enjoy the arrival of spring!

Silver tray with cordial glass pedestals, candles and flowers.

This was an easy project that took an afternoon with the drying time. And I didn’t feel bad about repurposing the cordial glasses and saucers into a spring craft pedestal, since they had no value.  In fact I did them a favor because now they sit front and center on my coffee table.

And now for the big question. Should I paint the glass pedestals or just leave them like that?  Because you all know I can’t leave well enough alone!

Tops of saucers with flowers and tealights.
Repurposed Cordial Glasses and Saucers for a Spring Craft Pedestal.
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​And now hop on over to visit my four friends who are also sharing their spring and fall crafts.  Simply click here.

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The Freshman Cook

Wednesday 27th of March 2019

These are adorable and so pretty! I just love how you used the cordial glasses for your base, and the plates for the top! In response to your question - I would not paint the base. I love the look! Thank you for sharing at Celebrate it!


Wednesday 27th of March 2019

Thank you for your response. I too like them like that.


Monday 27th of February 2017

We are still waiting for spring over here, even the last days were warmer than usual. I can't wait to have my own daffodils in my backyard... Thank you for sharing your piece of spring, it remembers Greece, which I love with all my heart! :) Hugs from Romania!


Monday 27th of February 2017

Gabi it was a tough winter, I'm gessing it was difficult in your area as well, since we were hit with extreme weather. Let's look ahead to a wonderful spring!

Lynn Spencer

Monday 27th of February 2017

Oh, I think you need to leave the bases alone...I know that will be hard for you! :) Your pedestals will be so handy throughout the year! I can see them with pinecones in the fall and berries in the winter. Just brilliant my friend. Hugs, Lynn


Tuesday 28th of February 2017

Thank you so much Lynn. I have to agree with you, they will get much use throughout the year. The simpler the better.


Monday 27th of February 2017

Once again, you've taken unused items and created something pretty and useful. These wil definitely be versatile items for each season. I'm not sure about the pedestals...if you didn't use them all maybe you can experiment painting them to see if you like that look better? XXX


Tuesday 28th of February 2017

Thanks Doreen. I'm thinking of leaving them like this for now, and if I want to change them up later, it will be easy.


Monday 27th of February 2017

What a cute craft and they turned out adorable sweet lady. Such a great way to use things that normally would not be used. Love it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


Tuesday 28th of February 2017

Cindy I bet we all have some of these hiding away, taking up precious space. I'm so glad I bought them out of hiding.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.