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How To Make A Simple Dollar Store DIY Fall Wreath

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Once the cool weather starts coming, the beautiful fall colors start showing and the leaves start falling it’s the perfect time to make a simple DIY fall wreath with items from the dollar store.

It is finally starting to feel like fall around here and I think just in time since the first day of fall was this past Saturday. Have I ever told you how much I love fall?

And to celebrate this most special day (for me anyway) I chose to make a simple DIY fall wreath.

Materials Used to Make This Simple Wreath

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How To Make A DIY Fall Wreath

I started by cutting the piece of fabric into four strips. But not all in the same direction. Two were cut vertically and the other two horizontally. You’ll see why a little bit further down.

Strips of fabric.

Then I attached them to each other with a stapler, and thus having one long strip. You can also use a needle and thread, I was just in too much of a rush.

Have I ever mentioned that fall is my favorite season?

Stapled strips of fabric around the wire form.

Next I pulled out threads so that the ends became frayed. Because the weave of my fabric was made from two different colored threads I ended up with white fraying on two of the strips of fabric, and a taupe color on the other two.

Close up of the frayed edges of strips of fabric.

​Here is what it looked like after I wrapped the strips around the wire form.  Can you see the different colored frayed edges? I just have one form that I use each season when I make my wreath. No need to clutter up the house with many wreaths. 

Strips of fabric wrapped around the wire form.

The last step was to stick the faux flowers into the openings of the fabric strips.

Placing the faux flowers into the fabric strips on the wire form.

​And here it is on the door.  It is full of color on one side and not so much on the other. Of course this was deliberate. So that we can admire the colorful side even more.

Hanging the fall wreath on the front door.

For the two flower bunches,  I mixed them up so as not to have one bunch of red and a bunch of cream. Did you know they pull off of their stems?

Close up of faux flowers and pine cones on the wreath.

​I think it is a great representation of fall and all her colors.

 You can see the frayed edges here. They certainly make for a much more interesting look on the one side of the DIY fall wreath that I left plain.

Close up of frayed edges of fabric strips.
Close up of colorful wheat grass.

There was even a pine cone in the mix.

Close up of pine cones, wheat grass and flowers.

​I have to say that having a Dollar Store nearby really makes things so much easier, not like when I was living in Greece where I couldn’t find any decent fall decor at all and had to resort to painting everything

So now my door is all decked out and ready for the fall weather which has shown up right on cue! Sweaters are coming out of hiding and the aroma of pumpkin spice has taken over the house. I hope you’ll try this simple DIY fall wreath with dollar store items. We all need to great this colorful season with a pretty wreath. 

Do you change out your front door decor each season?


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Thursday 10th of September 2020

Hi Mary, I'm so glad to see you've not lost your love of making wreaths. That one will brighten up any door. It's not feeling like autumn here yet, the temperatures are still crazy hot. I don't usually decorate our door except for at Christmas, but this year I was given a May Day wreath and it's still clutching to our front door. Looking rather crispy and dry!



Monday 24th of September 2018

LOVE this Mary! Great idea with the way you cut the fabric. Seriously would NEVER guess Dollar store! I do always have something on my front door but not always a wreath. I also like that you use the same form over. I love doing things that are multi purpose to save storage space.

Jeanie Croope

Monday 24th of September 2018

I think it looks terrific, Mary. And pretty darned quick, too! I love the neutral backdrop, which will take you well through fall. I love changing out the wreaths too. And dollar stores rock!

Marie B.

Monday 24th of September 2018

Such a pretty Fall wreath, Mary! The frayed fabric detail adds such a lovely touch too. Pinned :)


Monday 24th of September 2018

I thought this was pretty on Instagram. Thrilled I took time to visit and see how made this on your blog. I like knowing the details. Such a simple but beautiful wreath Enjoy your day Cindy

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